It is in the interests of Britain to vote Conservative and keep Jeremy Corbyn out of government

BRITAIN has a big decision on Thursday, but not a difficult one.

It is between a Tory Party which has been honest and serious about how to fix the country’s problems when money is still tight.

Jeremy Corbyn

And a Labour Party of hard-left extremists selling a dishonest fantasy that everything can be sorted instantly, simply by making higher-earners pay.

The only certain result of Jeremy ­Corbyn’s Marxist manifesto would be the destruction of an economy painstakingly rebuilt since Labour last left it in ruins. The price would be mass unemployment and poverty.

Labour’s spending spree would impose the highest tax burden in a lifetime. ­Corporation tax hikes would kill investment.

Theresa MayVoting for Theresa May is the only option for keeping UK safe

Big firms would leave. Small ones would go to the wall.

Inflation would soar. Nationalisation and vast new union powers would cripple industry. Forget Labour’s claims that only the wealthy would be hit. Everyone would pay for economic collapse. Our readers’ jobs and futures would be extinguished.

It is almost impossible for Corbyn to take power without a deal with the SNP. So the prospect of a Labour Prime Minister held to ransom by Scots bent on breaking up the UK is real.

That chaos, with Brexit talks imminent and Labour changing its plans daily, should terrify anyone.

But that’s not our biggest problem with Corbyn. As he showed during his live TV meltdown on Friday, he would not keep  Britain safe.

He would make our nuclear deterrent redundant. He would never use it, even under attack.

North Korea and Iran will have watched with glee.

Kim Jong UnKim Jong-Un would be thrilled at a leader who would not deploy nuclear weapons

Corbyn’s career has been one of calamitous and shameful misjudgements. He was the IRA’s useful stooge in Westminster. Yes, he wanted peace — but only after total ­military victory for the terrorists, as every witness on either side will tell you.

Even now he befriends terror groups. His top aides admire murderous far-left regimes. It is chilling to imagine them in power.

The Tories have not run a great campaign. But they champion business and low taxes, have given the biggest breaks to the low-paid and overseen a job ­creation miracle.

Theresa May

The Tories have given the biggest breaks to the low-paid and overseen a job ­creation miracle

Theresa May is a solid, sensible leader who trusts in Britain’s entrepreneurial talents and our ability to thrive after Brexit.

Unlike Labour, she has a coherent plan for it.

Crucially, her other focus is on increasing young people’s chances of decent pay and an affordable home. The point of her plan for OAPs is to fund social care AND free up cash to help younger generations.

Do not just assume the Tories will win.

To keep Britain prosperous and safe, and to keep Corbyn out, The Sun on Sunday strongly urges you to get out and vote Conservative.

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