Andrew Neil DERIDES hard-left Momentum organiser on Corbyn success

Andrew Neil set the hard-left Labour campaigner straight after exaggerating Jeremy Corbyn’s success

Introducing Klug’s BBC This Week segment, Neil said: “Now he is the flavour of the month, far beyond his traditional left-wing base, with an approval rating that has overtaken Theresa May, leading a party that is now favourite to win a snap election and headlining Glastonbury.

“You can be forgiven that Labour lost its third general election in a row, with fewer seats and a smaller vote share than the Tories.”

Momentum organiser Klug argued the election result was a “tremendous achievement” for Labour.

On how Mr Corbyn can go on to become Prime Minister, he added: “I think we saw a big, bold vision for the country in the manifesto, which proved to be popular with a lot of people.

“What we need to do now is mobilise that mass party that much more…”

Neil interjected: “Do you need to change to widen that appeal further?

You lost! What do you have to change to win?”

Klug admitted it was a “communications issue”, Neil added: “It was a communications issue, rather than a substance issue?

“I understand why you’re enthusiastic and see the opportunities. But there is on the other side, this could be as good as it gets!

“We live in a world where the political cycle moves so quickly, one day you’re cock of the walk and the next day you’re a feather duster – just ask Mrs May or Nicola Sturgeon.

“Maybe you do need a snap election, or this moment passes you by?”

Klug concluded: “I think there will be a snap election soon because this coalition of chaos is weak and wobbly, and with the DUP propping them up.

“We saw yesterday with the public sector pay cap that the Tories are in disarray, whereas I think this is the beginning for Labour.”


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