BREXIT BOOM: Economy to swell by £135bn EVERY YEAR, experts say

Professor Patrick Minford, who helped draft the 12 paged document, urged doom-mongering pro-EU figures to finally embrace Brexit.

He said: “Project Fear failed yet many Remainers are trying to resurrect it.

“The Government should embrace a clean, swift Brexit – avoid the uncertainty of a long, drawn-out transition and embrace the opportunities of Brexit.”

The report by Economists for Free Trade, set to be published in the autumn.

The document is said to be critical of Chancellor Phillip Hammond.

Mr Hammond has insisted the UK will follow the EU’s high-tax, high-regulation economic model after quitting the European Union.

Professor Minford, of Cardiff University, said: “To do that would risk simply throwing away our hard-won freedom from EU rules that reduce our competitiveness as a nation.

“We would be throwing away the very gains from Brexit if the EU does not like our new UK rules then it is free to adjust to them as it likes.”

Roger Bootle, chairman of Capital Economics told the Sun.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to raise living standards and create new employment opportunities across the country.

“On the basis of its record, the EU is likely to make cack-handed decisions about the issues of the future.”

A Government spokesman said the UK would maintain a “deep and special” relationship with the EU after Brexit.

He added: “The economy has grown continuously for four years and there are more people in work than ever before.

“As we leave the European Union, we will build on this success by maintaining a deep and special partnership with the EU while embracing the wider world as an independent, open, trading nation.”


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