• Lucas once said that British tourists flying to Spain on holiday was as bad as “knifing a person in the street”. That didn’t stop her flying business class to Washington DC and back earlier this year — dumping nearly TWO TONNES of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • In 2016, when campaigning for a Remain vote in the EU referendum, former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and her team toured the country in a 12.4 tonne battle bus. By the end of the campaign that bus had a carbon footprint of around 1 TONNE of CO2.
  • In 2009, Lucas launched her first parliamentary campaign on the messaging that she would bring “honest politics” to Westminster. Clearly she’s had a change of heart with rumours circulating about being offered a bribe and safe seats in exchange for making dodgy back room political deals this election.


Green Party leader Caroline Lucas has launched her party’s manifesto, the ‘Green Guarantee’ for a “confident and caring Britain”, at the offices of tech firm Wayra — a company with ties to UK spook central GCHQ and clothing retailer ASOS.

Lucas praised Wayra for their “brave leadership”, despite her previously trying to take the government to court over GCHQ surveillance. The accusations in the press about ASOS products being made by SYRIAN REFUGEE CHILDREN in Turkey don’t exactly scream “caring” either.

It just goes to show what we already know. The Green Party aren’t dangerous because of their loony ideas on the environment, energy and the EU.

They’re dangerous because they can’t be trusted and they’ll sell out whatever principles they claim to have for just a sniff of power.

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