Diane Abbott claims that ‘crisis-hit’ Venezuelan elections BETTER than British elections

Diane Abbott has been caught on a recording claiming that the Venezuelan elections were better than elections in the United Kingdom in terms of their ‘democratic process’ – this is in spite of the fact that they have led to a brutal uprising where more than 100 people have been killed.

The surprising remarks were made in 2012 while Abbott was speaking to the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign.

She said: ‘I watched an election over there in October and I cannot stress enough that technically this a very clean and robust election process.

‘And it’s actually less liable to fraud and impersonation than the British election process, which I know well because I’ve fought five general elections.

‘It’s clearly a better system than the one the Americans had in the 2000 elections – remember that?

‘It’s a better process than they have there.’

As reported in the Daily MailMore than a hundred people have died on the streets of Venezuela as a result of an uprising opposing President Nicolas Maduro’s bid to over-rule the constitution. 

We accept that the remarks were made in 2012, but at the same time it is slightly shocking to see that Abbott could be so full of a praise for the ‘democratic process’ in a nation that is clearly flawed.

It should also be remembered that Abbott has a history of making similarly inflammatory remarks.

In the speech, she even stated that the system was better than the election process used in the United States of America.

An interesting point to make, seeing that the election of Donald Trump didn’t lead to a devastating loss of life.

Yes there was violence on the streets, but only from a large number of people who had trouble accepting that Trump was voted in via a democratic and monitored process.




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