As the marching season approaches the British people are about to see the stripe of those upon their future depends, and it is orange. As Richard Littlejohn the Daily Mail light essayist puts it; “You couldn’t make it up”.

Strong and stable Theresa May (Prime Minister at the time of writing) will fall down without the thin (well, few of them are thin but…) orange line of the Reverend Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Dr. Paisley, may God rest his soul. He and I were amongst the only members of Parliament to oppose the introduction of the National Lottery. On one vote, there was only he and I in the NO Lobby.

“Fancy that” he bellowed “only a wee Pape like you and a big Orangeman like me in the lobby in rejection of the Devil’s Buttermilk”.

I liked his son Ian Paisley Jnr too. He and I fought a rearguard action against plain packaging of tobacco being rammed through the House by those who neck the Devil’s other buttermilk from a bewildering array of 1970’s priced alcoholic drinks in  any or all of Parliament’s 19 bars.

But if anyone in Britain had imagined that Britain’s future post GE17 would be subject to the grace and favour of a sliver of Orangemen they would have rugby-tackled Theresa May on her way to the Palace to call what she imagined would be a coronation election.

It is only one of the bizarre new realities we face.

After two election terrorist atrocities in as many months and a third just weeks before and with the government and their media in full-throttle at the throat of Jeremy Corbyn on security and terror-related issues, Corbyn continued to rise and rise, eventually scoring the largest Labour vote since 1945. The public didn’t blame Corbyn for letting terrorists into the country they chose, oddly, to blame the person who let them in: Theresa May. They didn’t blame Corbyn for the fact that the police hadn’t watched “The Jihadi Next Door” on C4 TV they blamed the person who had denuded their numbers to the extent that they had no time to watch TV by sacking 21,000 of them.

They didn’t blame Corbyn for the mass-murderer in Manchester, they blamed the person who had handled the terrorist cell of Libyan Jihadis of which he was a part, Theresa May.

It wasn’t Corbyn who threatened to take old people’s houses away from them to pay for their social care, it was Theresa May. It wasn’t Corbyn who had left a £6 billion black-hole in Social Care budgets, it was Theresa May.

It wasn’t Corbyn who was frit to meet the public and even all but the tamest of licensed journalists it was Theresa May.

As George W. Bush might put it, they all “misunderstimated” Jeremy Corbyn and hopelessly overestimated a woman who seemed to turn into a particularly inarticulate Dalek with every day which passed in the campaign: “I am strong and stable strong and stable strong and stable…whilst beginning to pirouette  out of control, dying before our eyes.

Corbyn’s surge can now be seen as what it was and placed in the same drawer as the victory of Brexit and even of Donald Trump. A further rejection of the prevailing orthodoxy, of the political class, of the “experts” who attend them and of the mainstream media which routinely lies to them. The day the last editor is strangled with the last copy of the Guardian is not too far distance.

The British people are many things our rulers misunderestimated too.

Despite the bleatings of the liberal classes the British are far less racist than their European mainland neighbours, and less Islamophobic too. There was no anti-Muslim backlash after the murder of nearly 50 people in three months and hospitalisation of hundreds by Jihadists shouting Allah o Akbar as the slit people throats or blew children apart as their hearts were still palpitating with excitement after a pop concert.

In my own Manchester constituency, where the terrorist cell was centred, 34,000 people turned out to vote for a Pakistani Labour candidate called Mohammed.

They are fully accepting of the fact that we are leaving the EU to their own devices too. The Liberal Democrat Remain souflee simply failed to rise. 80% of the people voted for parties who accept we are leaving, who accept that “Free Movement” is over, and who are intent upon making the best of it.

The rise of Corbyn has saved the jobs of hundreds of Labour MPs who did everything they could to destroy him over 20 long months of attrition. In my own constituency the aforementioned Mohammed was picked by Tom Watson and Keith Vaz precisely to help get rid of Corbyn yet scored an overwhelming victory because of Corbyn (if the original by-election had gone ahead the result would have been far closer).

Young people in particular (the least influenced by our gutter media) now know that democracy can mean power to the people after all. This is a genie which will not go easily back into the box.

Theresa May is surely doomed. If you don’t lose your job after a blunder on this scale then those whom she leads have been imbibing too much buttermilk. If people like me are lucky she will be replaced by Boris Johnson, if we are not, by David Davis. Either way a new election will soon have to be held. Last week was our February 1974. Soon we must have our October. NO Surrender being bellowed by the obscurantists of the DUP does not a strong and stable government make.

A final word about UKIP. No-one can deny that under Nigel Farage, UKIP made the political weather in Britain. It has surely entered our history forever. Lesser men and women have lost it millions of votes and it is now longer fit for any purpose at all. Its lurch into hideous ghastly anti-Muslim bigotry in the final weeks of the campaign was a death blow. No-one with integrity would want anything further to do with it. It is a wreck, and should be in motor insurance parlance, written off.

Rather than seek to repair the irreparable the formidable Mr. Banks and Mr. Farage should now set to the launch of new vehicle altogether. They are more than capable of doing so. It just might roar off the forecourt leaving a broken backed mountain called the Tory Party in its wake…

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