Green Party 2017 manifesto summary: 9 pretty incredible promises including free money!

They’re not just about recycling and climate change. They also want to give you free money. Here’s some key things in the Green manifesto that might surprise you

The Green Party launched their manifesto last month, and it’s not all about recycling and climate change.

Their election document covers the whole range of policy areas – and some of the proposals are pretty radical

How does free money sound to you?

Or perhaps an extra day off every week?

On top of that, they want to give you a pay rise for the time you do work.

Here’s a bunch of pretty incredible things from the Green Party manifesto – and most of them you probably won’t find elsewhere.

The party’s manifesto says they would “take steps towards the introduction of a universal basic income”.

Universal basic income was introduced in Finland earlier this year. Labour are also ‘consulting’ on whether to introduce it, but it’s not in their manifesto this year.

2. You would only have to work four days a week

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Yes that’s right in an attempt to rebalance the economy where some people are working more than they want and some people don’t have enough work the Greens would share it out better.

They also say it would help with our work/life balance and improve stress levels and other mental health problems.

3. No rubbish

Bin bags
Bin bags

Rather like UKIPs zero net immigration target the Greens want zero net rubbish.

They say they’ll take “tough action” to try and make it happen including having deposit return schemes where you get money for returning glass bottles and other containers.

4. Create a million jobs

This is a bold plan which the party says would come about through green investment and restoring the public sector.

But apart from that there’s not too much detail on how it would work.

5. School starts at 7

Primary school children and teacher in their classroom

No, not 7am. Age seven.

The party would push back formal education until the age of seven – it currently starts the year you turn five.

Instead they will provide free early years education for all.

6. Renationalise everything

(Photo: AFP)

Well not quite everything.

But the Greens are going one step further than Labour and adding the care system to the list of things they want to bring back under public control.

They’d also build on our stake in Royal Bank of Scotland to develop a network of local banks who are obliged to lend to small businesses.

7. Abolish Ofsted


The party believes teachers know best and it would let them get on with it by scrapping inspections that cause so much stress to teachers and pupils.

A similar proposal was in the 2015 Ukip manifesto, although they suggested it should be replaced by another body which sounded pretty much the same as Ofsted, if we’re honest.


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