‘It’s COMMON SENSE’ Nigel Farage blasts Government

Speaking to BrexitMeansBrexit he said that making him ambassador to the US was just “common sense”

He said: “He [Mr Trump] has suggested of course that I become the UK’s ambassador to Washington, now I’m told the wine cellar’s very good – it’s not going to happen is it, it’s not going to happen.

“But sensibly, I do know a lot of that team who are taking quite senior places in that administration.

“I’ve known some of them for years, surely there’s something I can do to help cement relations between an administration in Britain who’ve been rude about Trump and him as the incoming President. I mean common sense says there’s something I can do.”

He also commented on Gina Miller.

He said: “This Gina Miller woman is now [saying] ‘oh people are being nasty to me, I’ve had a death threat’ – I’ve had 10 death threats this week, which I’ve sent to the Metropolitan Police, you know what they’ll do? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

“This is all being presented that Brexit has led to a rise in hate crime, all this appalling behaviour.

“Yeah, I’m sure a few louts have behaved pretty badly since Brexit, I suspect they were behaving pretty badly before Brexit to be honest with you but the hate has been put against us on our side of the argument – that story isn’t getting a look in.”


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