LIES EXPOSED: Corbyn’s minister did say student debt ‘WILL be wiped’ in shock video

Footage shows Jeremy Corbyn’s lies being exposed properly for first time over Labours student debt crisis

A video by MP Imran Husain urges students to vote for Labour because students they “will have all their debts wiped off”.

We now know this is not the case and Labours lying tactics are exposing them for what they really are.

Imran Husain, MP for Bradford East and shadow justice minister, said: “Just this morning, Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the tuition fees will be abolished straight away from September, if there’s a Labour government, and we will bring back immediately EMA and also that every existing student will have all their debts wiped off.

“That’s fantastic news, isn’t it guys?”

Mr Corbyn initially said he would “deal with it” in an interview with NME.

He said: “First of all, we want to get rid of student fees altogether.

“We’ll do it as soon as we get in, and we’ll introduce legislation to ensure that any student going from the 2017-18 academic year will not pay fees.

“They will pay them, but we’ll rebate them when we’ve got the legislation through – that’s fundamentally the principle behind it.”

Mr Corbyn added: “I don’t see why those that had the historical misfortune to be at university during the £9,000 period should be burdened excessively compared to those that went before or those that come after. I will deal with it.”

When BBC host Andrew Marr questioned the Labour leader, the backtracking started.

Mr Corbyn said: “I didn’t make a commitment to write it off because I couldn’t at that stage.

“What I saw was we would deal with it by trying to reduce the burden of it.

“We never said we would completely abolish it because we were unaware of the size of it at that time.”


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