Mogg: Clean Brexit would boost UK by £135bn over 5 years

This man should be in the Cabinet!

Brexit legend Mr Rees-Mogg has been out batting for Britain again, saying that a proper UK exit from the EU will boost the British economy £135bn over the next five years.

Talking at the Economists for Free Trade ‘alternative Brexit Budget’ event, He said that by pursuing policies of free trade, lower taxes and scrapping useless regulations could deliver a staggering Brexit windfall, even without a deal with the EU.

Here at Pro Great Britain, we fill that this man should be part of the Mrs Mays cabinet. He is intelleginet, endearing and most importantly the public love him! Mrs May, please take note of the public opinion and promote this man to a position he deserves!

The Mogg man also slammed remoaner Phillip Hammond’s “false assumptions” that Leaving the EU will damage the economy.

“The window of post-Brexit freedom will remain firmly shut to those forecasters who subscribe to the modelling approach adopted by HM Treasury, which has a neo-protectionist approach and an inbuilt bias towards a pessimistic assessment of Brexit,” he says.

He then also claimed that Britain could receive another £40 billion a year from 2025, including £10 billion a year by not having to pay into the EU budget.

“This is a free trade approach that focuses on consumers, not producers; one that will generate gains to consumers seven times the cost to producers,” he said.

‘This is a classical view of the world that has economic history and the latest economic modelling on its side.

‘This is a free trade approach to Government which believes Britain’s greatest days lie before it and not behind it.”

May needs a lot more Mogg optimism around the Cabinet table.

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