QT Audience savage Remainer MPs who’d ‘bow to any demand from the EU’

Emily Thornberry was slammed by a Question Time audience member for potentially selling us down the river during Brexit negotiations

Speaking on BBC’s Question Time, He said: “Right, Labour and the Lib Dems keep saying we want, we want, we want from the EU regarding the deal.

“The Conservatives are willing to walk away if we don’t get anything.

“So are you guys willing to sell us down the river if the EU doesn’t give us what we want.”

The Liberal Democrat MP and Shadow Foreign Secretary both attempted to answer before Mr Lamb snapped back at the audience member rejecting the claim that no deal is better than a bad deal.

He replied: “It’s very interesting that we haven’t heard much from the Conservatives, this idea that no deal is better than a bad deal.

“Let’s all be very clear, no deal is a disaster for this country. Disaster economically.

“It means damage to jobs and our ability to fund our public services.

“There is a lot at stake here and if we walk away from deals that enable our exporters to trade across a single market of 500 million consumers, we would be doing this country a grave injustice.”

He said: “I’m confident that we will get a good deal. I am absolutely confident because of the opposition that we actually have.

“I voted to Remain in the referendum. I think it massively needed reform, it wasn’t competitive, it wasn’t accountable and it wasn’t transparent.

“I have to accept that as a parliamentarian and as a democrat that the nation itself has called for something else that I didn’t agree with.

“The deal that we are actually looking for, we have the competence and confidence that we will get that good deal, but we can’t remain a member of the single market, that is what the Liberal Democrats want, because that would not be leaving the European Union and that is what the nation told us to do.”
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