Trump threatens to DESTROY Angela Merkel and German car industry with MASSIVE IMPORT TAX

Before and after the 2016 EU referendum, Donald Trump has made it clear on a number of occasions that he is very much on the side of the United Kingdom when it comes to Brexit – he has now taken a direct swipe at Brexit Enemy Number One Angela Merkel!

Time and time again, it has become perfectly clear that Merkel is pulling strings behind the scenes to make sure that the Brexit process is as rough as possible for the UK, and now Donald Trump has stepped things up a gear by threatening to DESTROY the German car manufacturing industry.

He has said that he has no problem with imposing a WHOPPING 35% import tax on German automobiles that are imported into the United States of America, in part to try and boost the fortunes of the US-based car maker Tesla – an enterprise that continues to go from strength to strength.

Trump is very clear on this – he wants Americans to ‘buy American’ when it comes to a high-value purchase such as a car, as opposed to sending money flowing back into the EU for a Mercedes or Audi.

When he used the phrase ‘America First’ in his inauguration speech, he wasn’t bloody kidding!

He is making a massive statement here that he is prepared to back an American business in the biggest way possible.

The best thing about all of this is that if the German automotive industry is ruined as a result of losing sales in one of its most lucrative markets, Chancellor Merkel’s credibility will be crushed even more than it is already!

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